About Us

Corinth Films was founded in 1977 amidst the growing independent film revolution as a key source of theatrical and non-theatrical film programming. Over the years, the company has undergone numerous changes as industry mediums shifted, but one constant has always remained: our passion for film. Our roots are the acquiring and releasing of new arthouse films, and we endeavor to address the needs and desires of movie watchers who love a good story. Cinema has always been and always will be an effervescent form of art that has transcended through the ages – from the great Russian masters who steered the development of cinematic expression through the revolution and oppression of the Slavic states, to the latest Gala screening at Sundance. There are great films to be found in every corner of the world, and it is the distributor’s duty to find and deliver them to their most valuable patrons – you, the audience.

Our Mission

The purpose of our existence is to carry on the quest for great cinema – films with unforgettable stories and characters; films that move us to react and share in the predicaments, sorrow and triumphs of the characters. Our mission is to find high caliber content and showcase it to the best of our ability. We make our films available for theatrical engagements and subsequently move into non-theatrical and home video distribution to afford as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy our movies on the screening medium of their choice. We pride ourselves on hard work and commitment to exceptional customer service, which is the key to accomplishing our mission of quality film distribution.

Our Vision

What we envision at Corinth Films, quite simply, is to increase the flow of quality films to film festivals, theaters, educational institutions, home video, and everything in between. We believe movies are essential of both leisure time and intellectual development, so we aim to keep our standards high in visual and audio quality which goes hand-in-hand with the powerful content of our pictures. To us, the most rewarding thing is a successful film engagement and an excited audience.

How We Do Business

Corinth Films is committed to competitively pricing film screening licenses and doing our best to accommodate last minute schedule changes in order to give our clients the best possible film booking experience. Pricing for our films in a theatrical/non-theatrical and film festival setting is determined according to conditions of the film engagement, including but not limited to admission charged, size/location of venue, size of audience, number of screenings, and exhibition format requested. Above all, we place the utmost importance on helping our clients and exhibitors to utilize our services to improve their ability to offer audiences the best film-watching experience possible.

Our Team


John M. Poole Sr.

President & CEO

As the founder of Corinth Films, John Sr. oversees the acquisition of most of Corinth’s films and manages relationships with content providers and sub-distributors. He started his film career by spending a high school summer working as an assistant for Paul Newman on the set of Rachel, Rachel, then later at Janus Films as the director of their non-theatrical division.

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John Poole Jr

John M. Poole Jr.

Technical Services

John Jr. oversees the technical infrastructure of the company and is responsible for deliveries of digital film & video assets to TV stations and VOD platforms, DVD releases, captioning and a variety of other key functions.

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Crystal Goodwin

Graphic Designer + Marketing Coordinator

With a solid foundation in art and digital design, Crystal manages the production of Corinth’s print and digital artwork, website design, social media and marketing materials. Crystal also makes recommendations and implements measures to effectively reach customers with visual materials to help them become more aware of Corinth titles that may be a good fit for their audiences.

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Commercial & Non-Commercial Film Screening Requests

For commercial and non-commercial film screening requests, please email johnsr@corinthfilms.com, or fill out our secure online Booking Form.

Television Station Programming Packages

For Television Station programming packages, please email John Poole Sr. at johnsr@corinthfilms.com, or fill out our secure online TV Movie Package Form

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Comments, Suggestions and Feedback

To send us comments, suggestions, or feedback, please email john@corinthfilms.com – we are always glad to hear from you.