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The motion picture industry may be changing, but Corinth’s mission is not: to bring North American audiences great movies that would otherwise never get released. With your viewership, support and feedback we will continue to bring you movies that will stimulate and entertain. Please know that we greatly value the reviews left by viewers of our movies on the platforms on which they are watched – this enables us to accurately measure if we are picking the right content for you. If you enjoy or don’t enjoy a particular film, let us know! We will do our best to tailor our acquisitions to your feedback and reviews.

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New VOD Releases


This faithful adaptation of Herman Melville’s classic follows a young accounting clerk in 1970’s London rebelling against his employer by responding to demands to do work by saying “I prefer not to.” This is carried on ad absurdum until the office is in chaos and the other employees must do Bartleby’s work. His boss is unable to bring himself to fire Bartleby, which is the crux of the film.


The late Peter Ustinov hosts this haunting 1980 documentary exploring the world’s nuclear weaponry and the fragile system that deters either side from initiating the first nuclear strike. Although the world’s political climate has mellowed since the cold war era, Nuclear Nightmares takes the viewer back in time to gain a perspective of what it was like to live under a very real nuclear threat.


Is our First Amendment right as protected as we think? Telling the story of the Hollywood 10, this classic documentary explores how the House Un-American Activities Committee was able to summon before it American citizens of the motion picture industry and interrogate them about their political affiliations and beliefs. Featuring interviews with Dalton Trumbo and other prominent screenwriters.


The enchanting Heather Graham stars as Georgina Salt in this uplifting and funny story about a young woman’s desire to become a mother against all odds. Graham is paired with Tom Ellis as her unlikely mate, Zak, whose views on parenting are quite contrary to Georgina’s. Shortly after determining that single life seems to suit her for the time being, Georgina receives a startling surprise.

New DVD Releases


Set in present day Ghana, NAKOM follows Iddrisu, a talented medical student who is forced to interrupt his medical studies after his father’s sudden death. Iddrisu reluctantly returns home to the village of Nakom, buries his father and temporarily assumes the head of the impoverished household and farm. Drama unfolds after he learns of an immense debt that his father incurred before his death.


A documentary on the life of the legendary ballet deconstructionist, Pierre Lacotte and his life and longtime dance partner Ghislaine Thesmar. Featuring archival footage of ballet great Rudolf Nureyev.


This film is a fictional recounting of the final interrogation and last days of Rudolph Ferdinand Hoss, the longstanding commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War 2 where Hoss was later executed for his crimes against humanity. This film is notable in the fact that for the first time, an Israeli film director (Erez Pery) gives voice to the perpetrator.


Diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson’s Disease, ailing theatrical legend Sir Michael Gifford (Brian Cox) is terminally ill but determined not to let his health affliction stand in the way of what could be his final on-stage appearance – a ceremony by the Critics’ Guild of Great Britain honoring him with a lifetime achievement award. But not without the help of his new live-in caregiver.

Upcoming Releases

Here’s a sneak peak of some new films we’ll be releasing in the coming months – stay tuned for our February newsletter which will have more new releases and tantalizing previews!

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Nakom news banner

Ghanaian Drama Nakom Nominated for Film Independent Spirit Award

Nakom has been selected for screening in the 25th Annual Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), February 9-20, 2017, which will take place in Los Angeles, California, USA at the all-digital Cinemark RAVE Cinemas 15. For more information, visit www.paff.org.

Nakom has also been nominated for the John Cassavetes Film Independent Spirit Award (winners announced February 25th live on the IFC channel). The John Cassavetes Award is given to the best feature made for under $500,000. For more information, visit www.filmindependent.com.

Nakom was most notably featured in the 2016 New Directors/New Films series at the Museum of Modern Art in March. Senior New York Times film critic Manhola Dargis writes “His [main character Iddrisu’s] struggle seems familiar, but it’s one that’s made memorable through the graceful visuals, gentle pacing and deep feeling that the directors T. W. Pittman and Kelly Daniela Norris bring to this story.” Variety’s Dennis Harvey notes “There’s an air of authenticity as well as a pleasingly laid-back yet substantive narrative engagement to this polished effort.View entire review here.

Policeman Coming Soon to DVD

Policeman DVD Release on 2/14/17

Policeman is set to be released to DVD on 2.14.17.

Yaron, an elite special operations squad leader, is the spiritual leader and alpha male among his peers, a small, highly trained team that is part of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Anti-Terrorism unit. Like a band of brothers, these men work, play, laugh, and cry together. They are true patriots; they love their country, their families, and each other. Yaron is ambitious and energetic, but a cyclone of emotions consumes him. His wife is expecting their first child, and the failing health of a team member weighs on his soul as the men contend with an unforgivable accident resulting from a miscalculation during a recent rescue mission, and the price that must be paid as a result of this. Starring: Yiftach Klein, Michael Mushonov, Michael Aloni, Meital Berdah. View Policeman web page.

Directed by Nadav Lapid

A Long Way From Home banner

A Long Way From Home DVD Release on 2/14/17

A Long Way From Home is set to be released to DVD on 2/14/17.

Joseph (James Fox) and his wife, Brenda (Brenda Fricker) have retired to the South of France. Although living most people’s dream, Joseph finds himself bored, lonely and miserable. The two are spending their retirement living separate lives, with Joseph pining for his younger years and utilizing any possible reason to escape the household. On a chance meeting with a young couple, Joseph becomes infatuated with the beautiful Suzanne (Natalie Dormer). Joseph, a moral man and gentleman, is able to keep his emotions well-contained, however, the encounter with Suzanne has stirred something inside of him that will change his stale life forever. Starring James Fox, Brenda Fricker, Natalie Dormer.  View A Long Way from Home web page.

Directed by Virginia Gilbert

the carer movie starring brian cox and coco konig

The Carer Canadian Premiere Starts Nov. 18th

The Carer Canadian Premiere starts November 18, 2016 in Toronoto & Guelph and November 25, 2016 in Ottawa & Waterloo.

Diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson’s Disease, ailing theatrical legend Sir Michael Gifford (Brian Cox) is terminally ill. He’s also foul-mouthed, irascible, and highly resistant to the concept of allowing a full time care giver into his home. Sir Michael’s daughter Sophia (Emilia Fox) reluctantly brings in Dorottya, an aspiring Hungarian actress herself in need of a day job, who secretly hopes that this opportunity to care for Sir Michael will propel her own career onstage and endures his unbearable temperament. Their relationship gradually improves as Dorottya’s warming personality and knowledge of theatre begins to grow on the old lion. When Sir Michael is offered a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Great Britain Critcs’ Guild, the increasingly contentious relationship between Dorottya, Sophia and Milly begins to climax as Dorottya encourages Michael to accept the award in person. The real drama begins to unfold when Sir Michael learns of his scheming daughter’s plans to remove Dorottya from his life, from whom he has regained a sense of meaning and vigor. Directed by János Edelényi

Visit corinthfilms.com/the-carer for more information.