Open Up to Me on DVD

‘Open Up to Me’ Official DVD Release

Corinth Films will announce the official DVD release of Simo Halinen’s “Open Up to Me,” the struggle of a transgender woman in modern day Finland.

Maarit (Leea Klamola) has successfully managed to live what she considers a double life – a male body transformed into a woman. Maarit’s new life and body have come with a considerable price: an estranged wife and daughter, the feeling of being a stranger in a familiar but cold world, and a nagging conscience to confess her sexual identity to would-be employers and those who try to get too close. Most of all she longs to revive the relationship with her estranged daughter Pinja (Emmi Nivala).

“Open Up to Me” is planned for a DVD release on July 7, 2015. Stay tuned for more information.