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‘Little England’ & ‘Home from Home’ Available on Video On Demand

Little England, the Oscar shortlist submission from Greece for Best Foreign Language Film directed and produced by husband and wife team Pantelis Voulgaris and Ioanna Karystiana (upon whose earlier book the script is based) is about a tumultuous love story that takes place in the Greek archipelago of Andros during the 1930s amidst an industry of seafaring notorious for fracturing familial and marital bonds. Visit the Little England page for more information about the film.

Little England is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Praised as “striking” and “beautifully shot” by The Hollywood Reporter and warmly received by film critics following its UK release, this 2013 TIFF and 2014 EFM festival selection is set to open theatrically in NY this fall. Directed by Edgar Reitz and featuring a special appearance by acclaimed director Werner Herzog who portrays the great humanitarian scientist Alexander von Humboldt, Home From Home: Chronicle of a vision of a Vision is Reitz’ capstone achievement following the success of his earlier Heimat television series the director started in 1984. Home From Home is a heart-wrenching tale about the plight of mid-19th century Hunsrück villagers who endure a life of hardship in a poor rural village, many of whom take great risks to emigrate to South America in search of a better life. Visit the Home From Home page for more information about the film.

Home from Home is available on Amazon.