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Two Classics With A Twist

Dear Arthouse Cinema Fans,

The old saying, better late than never, is certainly the case here as we wanted to include some exciting new developments in our April e-newsletter before delivering it to your inbox.   This month, we have made available on Amazon two classics with a twist – Metropolis and The Phantom of the Opera with our popular Loy Cook music score!  Years ago, Corinth commissioned a talented musician named Loy Cook Jr. to compose a new score for these old films so that viewers could enjoy them all over again, and now we have brought them to Amazon Video and Prime!
We also have a very special project in the works, a remastering of Audie Murphy’s last film A Time For Dying, which is owned by Corinth.  After having this film transferred to digital, an extensive amount of cleanup and editing work is necessary to make the quality as sharp as possible.  Stay tuned for more details on availability in subsequent newsletters.  We also have some new DVD releases coming soon that are available for pre-order on Amazon – see below for more details!
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New VOD Releases


(1925 | USA | Drama)

The original 1925 masterpiece starring Don Chaney with a Loy Cook score commissioned by Corinth Films.


(1927 | Germany | Sci-Fi / Drama)

The original 1927 Fritz Lang masterpiece with a Loy Cook score commissioned by Corinth Films.


(2009 | Austria | Drama)

Set in the early 90’s, Ratz Kramer designs a video game in which the player can import the likeness of their father and commit patricide. He is summoned to New York City by a friend to help renovate a basement which is inhabited by an old Lithuanian war criminal in hiding, unbeknownst to Ratz who readily accepts the task so that he can try to see his game to a distributor while in the city.

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New DVD Releases


(2016 | Greece | Drama)

Athens 2016. The complexities of immigration are exposed when four lives collide within the backdrop of Amerika Square. Two Greek friends, along with a Syrian ex-Military doctor, an African singer and a human trafficker each navigate the refugee crisis in Athens. When one of their actions becomes the unthinkable, the others are forced to work together to escape the consequences. Mixing a kinetic visual style with ripped-from-the-headlines storytelling, Amerika Square is an unflinching look at the mass migration economy – where borders are business.


(2016 | Netherlands | Comedy-Drama)

Waterboys tells a humorous and moving story of the evolving relationship between crime novelist Victor (Leopold Witte) and his cello-playing son Zack (Tim Linde). When Zack is dumped by his girlfriend and Victor is dumped by Zack’s mother on the same day, the two men grieve and briefly console one another before heading off on a trip to Scotland where Victor hopes to promote his latest book and spend some bonding time with Zack. Victor’s selfish tendencies nearly alienate the fragile relationship he shares with his son, and the trip becomes increasingly turbulent as the reasons for the pairs domestic troubles come to light.


(1980 | USA | Documentary)

From the late science writer Nigel Calder comes Nuclear Nightmares, a visually frightening examination of the world’s Cold War era nuclear weapon infrastructure. Host Peter Ustinov utilizes his wit and charm to narrate for the viewer how the US command and control system functions in both training and in the event of an actual retaliatory nuclear strike, and the chilling means by which airpower, nuclear submarines and underground ICBM launch pads are employed to ensure absolute vengeance on the aggressor. Throughout the film, Ustinov colorfully illustrates several scenarious of what might happen if the missiles are unleashed and so commences ‘the war that must never happen.’


(1975 | USA | Documentary)
Is our First Amendment right as protected as we think? Telling the story of the Hollywood 10, this classic documentary explores how the House Un-American Activities Committee was able to summon before it American citizens of the motion picture industry and interrogate them about their political affiliations and beliefs. Featuring interviews with Dalton Trumbo and other prominent screenwriters.


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Upcoming Films

Here’s a sneak peak of some new films we’ll be releasing in the coming months – stay tuned for our May newsletter!

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