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As January ends and February begins, we bring you more movies that we hope will keep the winter doldrums at bay. That includes our Academy award entry from Greece, Amerika Square.  Although this film did not make the nomination shortlist, we hope that it will quickly find an audience on video-on-demand.
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(2016, Drama)

Nakos, a disgruntled resident of the Athens neighborhood of Amerika Square, decides to take action against the influx of migrants coming from the Middle East. His scheme undermines the efforts of Billy, his friend and neighbor, who takes great pains to help refugees Tarek and Tereza escape the turmoil of their home countries and make better lives for themselves elsewhere in western Europe.


(2013, Documentary)

A work opportunity for French opera conductor Marc Minkowski brings him to Warsaw, where he enlists the help of filmmaker Rafael Lewandowski, Polish historians, and surviving descendants of the Minkowski family to research the earliest traces of his great grandparents, August and Tekla Minkowski who were philanthropers and members of Warsaw’s elite society before the war destroyed their legacy.


(2009, Documentary)

Singer Urna Chahar Tugchi travels from Inner to Outer Mongolia to search for the missing verses once engraved on her grandmother’s beloved horse head violin, which was destroyed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It was her grandmother’s wish for the violin to be restored and given back it’s beautiful sound. For Urna, the restoration of the violin represents preservation of sacred traditions.


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