Days to Come

Days to Come poster art

LENGTH: 128 min
COUNTRY: Germany
YEAR: 2010
GENRE: Fictional Drama
LANGUAGE: German w/English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Lars Kraume
CAST: Bernadette Heerwagen, Daniel Brühl, Johanna Wokalek, August Diehll, Susanne Lothar, Ernst Stötzner, Vincent Redetzki, Mehdi Nebbou
CREW: PRODUCER: Jürgen Vogel, Matthias Glasner, Katrin Schlösser, Frank Döhmann; SCREENWRITER: Lars Kraume; CINEMATAGRAPHER: Sonja Rom; EDITOR: Barbara Gies; MUSIC: Christopher M. Kaiser, Julian Maas


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Europe, 2020 – The European Union has collapsed after the onset of the 4th Gulf War. The fight for the last remaining oil reserves has unveiled a poisonous sentiment that engulfs the citizenry, cutting into the deepest parts of the fabric of civilization. As the old Europe is flooded by refugees from adjacent continents, economic condition worsen and worsen, and chaos ensues. Families and relationships are torn apart, and violence seems the only promise of survival in this dark new world. Laura Kuper (Bernadette Heerwagen), a student in her early 20’s, bears witness to the societal unfolding from the beginning. Appalled by the influence of her sister’s boyfriend, Konstantin (August Diehl), on her family, Laura tries to steer clear of the malicious revolutionary as he begins to gradually succeed in pulling Cecelia (Johanna Wokalek) into a cell of aspiring terrorists, of which he is a significant part. Laura is able to briefly experience love and happiness with a young lawyer named Hans (Daniel Brühl), who, until recently, was part of her father’s law firm. However, Hans has demons of his own and cannot offer Laura the promise of a family or the lasting joy which she desperately seeks. As the world she knows rapidly starts to deteriorate, she searches for a sliver of hope to help keep her optimistic spirit alive, and finds it again only briefly before the men she had known most intimately cross paths in a bloody confrontation, and all is lost.

Certainly not a typical doomsday film, Days to Come offers a very realistic glimpse into a future shaped by powerful, resource-hungry nations determined to seize control of the last remaining oil-rich areas at any cost. Is this what we as a whole could face one day? The filmmaker paints a sombering picture that reflects his views on a modern and transforming society.