Miss Conception

Miss Conception

LENGTH: 104 min
COUNTRY: UK & USA, Germany
YEAR: 2008
GENRE: Comedy
FORMATS: Coming Soon
DIRECTOR: Eric Styles
CAST: Heather Graham, Mia Kirshner, Tom Ellis, Will Mellor, Orlando Seale, Ruta Gedmintas
CREW: PRODUCER: Doris Kirch; SCREENWRITER: Camilla Leslie; CINEMATAGRAPHER: Ed Mash; EDITOR: Tracy Granger, Danny Tull; MUSIC: Christian Henson


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The enchanting Heather Graham stars as Georgina Salt, an energetic and spunky Londonite and owner of Salt Construction in this uplifting and funny story about a young woman’s desire to become a mother against all odds. Graham is paired with Tom Ellis as her unlikely mate, Zak, whose views on parenting are quite contrary to baby shower result in his untimely entry into the bachelor market.

Shortly after determining that single life seems to suit her for the time being, Georgina is doused with cold water after learning that a genetic irregularity will soon render her completely unable to bear children, dashing to pieces her hopes and dreams of matriarchal bliss. That is, unless she can become pregnant in the timeframe allotted by her doctor before her body permanently loses the ability to fertilize an embryo – one week. Casting any remaining sense of reason to the wind, Georgina and her best friend Clem (played by Mia Kirshner) come up with a plan to expedite the process of finding a suitable mate to replace Zak and fulfill Georgina’s ambition of becoming pregnant… a task ill-suited for the illogical and desperate minds at work.

The plan takes some wild twists and turns and never quite fully materializes into anything productive as Georgina still harbors a longing for Zak, with whom she had previously invested a great deal of time and energy. Zak, in turn, jumps at every ring, chirp, and vibration made by his cell phone in desperate anticipation that Georgina will call, pining for a reunion. Things are further complicated by Zak’s new production assistant Alexandria (Ruta Gedmintas), whose father has provided him with the funding necessary for his newest documentary film on the condition that his daughter be hired to assist with the project. The spoiled assistant is the glaring antagonist of this story, and due to her attraction Zak, subverts every attempt he and Georgina make to reconcile.

Zak soon tires of the bumbling and whiny Alexandria and sends her packing, apathetic of the fact that doing so will inevitably doom his important new film project. As Georgina’s plan seems about to end in complete catastrophe and her childless fate sealed, and unlikely turn of events at the last minute lands her into the arms of a man whom Georgina realizes that, despite his faults, is the only one with whom she could have ever imagined starting a family.