Vincent Wants to Sea

Vincent Wants to Sea Poster Art

LENGTH: 96 min
COUNTRY: Germany & Italy
YEAR: 2010
GENRE: Comedy
LANGUAGE: German w/English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Ralf Huettner
CAST: Florian David Fitz, Heino Ferch, Karoline Herfurth, Katharina Muller-Elmau, Johannes Allmayer
CREW: SCREENWRITER: Florian David Fitz; CINEMATAGRAPHER: Andreas Berger; EDITOR: Kai Schroeter; MUSIC: Stevie B-Zet and Ralf Hildenbeutel;  PRODUCER: Viola Jager and Harald Kugler


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Embattled with the symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome, Vincent Gellner has just endured the loss of his mother. His father, an ambitious politician running for office, burdened with the task of caring for Vincent, sends him off to a rehabilitation clinic where he will learn how to manage his twitches, tics and ill-timed, but unpremeditated verbal outbursts.

An unenthusiastic Vincent is given an election ballot to sign and mail, thus securing his father another vote, a departing gift as he is taken to the clinic. Once indoctinated into the program, Vincent finds solace in Marie, a feisty anorexic whose partiality for spontaneous adventure happens to coincide with Vincent’s objective of getting to the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Italy to spread his mother’s ashes and fulfill her last wish: to see the water one last time. Also coerced along for the ride happens Vincent’s roommate, Alexander, an obsessive-compulsive whose only contentment comes in the form of expensive cars, dapper dress and Johann Sebastian Bach.

What follows is a hilarious road movie with the trio cruising down the autobahn without the slightest concern for the inconveniences they cause the people around them along the way. While Vincent’s father and Dr. Rose bumble along in pursuit of the escaped patients, Vincent, Marie and Alexander enjoy a reprieve from the clinic and experience a surrealistic journey that liberates them from their afflictions. The film ends happily for just about everyone, and the newfound friends discover that life is too precious to let their afflictions interfere with their true individuality.


The Hollywood Reporter
By Sheri Linden

“Predictability gives way to touching drama…What makes a deeper and more lasting impression is how badly they want to save one another, and that it’s the wanting that matters more than the saving.”

The Washington Post
By Michael O’Sullivan

“The picture’s quiet performances and occasionally surprising moments take it just far enough off the beaten path to make it more than a transparently formulaic feel-good story.”


  • Fresno Film Festival – BEST FEATURE
  • Cleveland International Film Festival – BEST FILM
  • 61st German Film Awards – BEST PICTURE/LEAD ACTOR


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