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New DVD & On-Demand Releases for Winter 2021

This e-newsletter finds us in a new year which means new opportunities, new challenges, and new movie releases. No doubt that some of the tribulations and struggles of 2020 may follow into 2021, but we hope that these new films that are now available on DVD and VOD will provide you with a warming story that may personally speak to you and encourage a resilient spirit.

This quarter we bring you a gem from Cuba called Mambo Man, a story about the things money can’t buy, and Italian drama Alone With Her Dreams, which acclaimed director Oliver Stone calls “A New Italian Drama From The Heart. Shocking!” Be sure to check out our website and subscribe to our mailing list, YouTube Channel and Facebook page so you don’t miss a single new release!

The Corinth Films Team


2020 | 82 mins | Cuba | Drama | Directed by Mo Fini & Edesio Alejandro

Mambo Man is the story of JC, a Cuban farmer and music promoter who is visited by an old friend with a business proposition that appears too good to be true. Desperate to alleviate his financial woes, JC gambles everything he has on it, and along the way learns who his true friends are. Featuring great musical performances from real-life Cuban artists.

Available on Amazon Video, Vimeo On Demand and Comcast. DVD available on


2019 | 95 mins | Italy | Drama | Directed by Paolo Licata

Lucia must stay behind under the care of her stern and overbearing grandmother in 1960’s Sicily, while her parents and younger brother emigrate to France to find work. The girl mopes the days away and grows increasingly curious about her grandmother’s hatred towards other members of the family on the island, until one day she discovers the reason for this and uncovers a terrible secret.

Available on Amazon Video, Vimeo On Demand and Comcast.

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