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As we transition into some great movie watching weather, Corinth Films is happy to bring you another round of stimulating arthouse home video releases.  As you read this, our superb dramas DedeDark FortuneAs If I Am Not There and Calm At Seawill be available on DVD and can be purchased on Amazon and will also be immediately watchable on Amazon Prime.  Also available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand is our new drama from Latvia Mellow Mud, about teenage survival in the face of total family dysfunction.

Corinth Films had recently attended the American Film Market in Santa Monica (or AFM as it’s known in the industry) to scout for new films to acquire and distribute. We have currently entered into negotiations with a sales agent representing several films we feel would be an excellent addition to our movie library, and we hope to have good news about this in the near future.

On February 5th, we will have several more DVD releases to share and more acquisitions to announce.  Stay tuned for more movie news and don’t forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


(2017 | Georgia | Drama)

“Feminism meets fatalism in this starkly beautiful Georgian melodrama.” – The Hollywood Reporter

In a remote, mountainous Georgian community, arranged marriages are a miserable reality for the female inhabitants. Dina, a young woman promised by her grandfather to one of the soldiers returning home from the civil war, resists the forced marriage and instead confesses her love for her fiancé’s friend.  This infuriates the fiancé, whose emotions then sets off a chain reaction of bloodshed. Available on DVD, Amazon Prime, IndieFlix & Vimeo On Demand.


(2016 | Switzerland | Drama)

“The characters are engaging, the performances strong and the overall treatment elegant.” – The Hollywood Reporter.

Eliane, a child therapist, is called in late one night to provide care for the sole survivor of a fatal car wreck: 8-year old Yves Zanini.  As Eliane struggles to help the boy come to terms with what happened, he begins to trust her and little by little reveals a disturbing picture of the domestic violence that his mother and family suffered at the hands of the father. Available on DVD, Amazon Prime, IndieFlix & Vimeo On Demand.


(2015 | Latvia | Drama)

“This evocatively shot realist tale benefits from a spare yet credible script and a knockout performance from big-screen debutant Elina Vaska”. – Variety

Abandoned by their mother and stuck in a miserable living situation, 17-year old Raya and her adolescent brother Robis must decide between an orphanage or the guardianship of their grandmother, whom they despise. Against all odds Raya enters into an English language proficiency competition and places in the top three, using the award – a trip to London – to track down her biological mother. Available on Amazon Prime & Vimeo On Demand.


(2010 | Macedonia | Drama)

“Writer-director Juanita Wilson’s cinematic smarts ensure the film speaks forcefully and intelligently about the plight of a woman caught up in a conflict much larger than herself..” – Variety

As If I Am Not There tells the story of a young woman from Sarajevo whose life is shattered the day a soldier walks into her apartment and tells her to pack herthings. Rounded up with the other women from the village and imprisoned in a warehouse, she quickly learns the rules of camp life. The real nightmare begins the day she is picked out to “entertain” the soldiers. Based on true events. Available on DVD, Amazon Prime, IndieFlix & Vimeo On Demand.


(2011 | France | Historical Drama)

“A wrenching WWII tale told in capable but old-fashioned style..” – IndieWire

Few outside of France are familiar with Guy Môquet, the symbol of the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation. In October of 1941, two German officers are gunned down in broad daylight in Nantes by French communists. In retaliation, Hitler orders 100 French political prisoners to be shot, among which is the 17 year old Guy Môquet. Calm at Sea is the account of Môquet’s final days. Available on DVD, Amazon Prime, IndieFlix & Vimeo On Demand.

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