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Dear Arthouse Cinema Fans,

We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize a Hollywood actor and an actress, both of whom star in movies that Corinth distributes, that have been making some incredible progress in their careers. Heather Graham and Daniel Bruhl have both recently been getting some much deserved attention for recent projects on which they have worked. Graham has turned her acting talents to writing & directing with her debut “Half Magic”, which is based on instances of sexism and mysogyny she has encountered in her acting career, and has recently been featured in a New York Times Style article. The Spanish-German Bruhl’s career has now taken him to the forefront of television, starring as a cutting edge psychologist in TNT’s “The Alienist”. Among their earlier works, Corinth carries Miss Conception from 2008, Lila Lila from 2009 and Days to Come from 2010, all available on Amazon Prime.
Corinth is also proud to bring back The Magic Show, the filmed version of the popular broadway play with Doug Henning, Didi Conn, and Anita Morris!
We hope you enjoy these films as much as we did, and we look forward to hearing about how you enjoy the new releases we are bringing you this month. Follow us on our social media platforms, and spread the word about our monthly newsletter list which can be signed up for on our website,

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New VOD Releases


(2016 | Netherlands | Comedy-Drama)

After being dumped by his wife, crime novelist Victor Mullock Brouwer and his son Zack set off to Scotland where a publicity campaign is arranged for Victor’s latest book. The trip serves as an opportunity for Victor to rekindle the fragile bond he shares with Zack, but nearly backfires when Victor takes it upon himself to help sort out Zack’s girl troubles by meddling in his personal affairs.


(2016 | Latvia | Historical Drama)

Based on the true story of Melanija Vanaga, this film is a brutally realistic and terrifying account of the mass deportation of residents of Soviet-occupied Latvia that took place in June 1941. At the outset, Melanie and her husband are arrested and forcibly separated at gunpoint and loaded into cattle cars. Melanie spends 16 years in a Siberian prison camp before learning of her husband’s fate.


(1983 | Canada | Musical)

The filmed version of the highly successful Broadway play The Magic Show brings magical illusions, as well as music by the Oscar-winning composer of Pocahontas and The Prince of Egypt to the story of a talented young magician who must hold his own when he is brought into an obscure New York nightclub to replace the over-the-hill Van Ziskin, who does not take kindly to Doug’s arrival.


(2016 | Spain | Drama)
A middle-aged sheep herder lives a spartan but content life which becomes threatened the day two construction developers appear with an offer to buy his house and land, which he has no interest in selling. Owners of the surrounding lands who are interested in selling their plots become hostile towards him when the developers threaten to rescind their purchase offers if the shepherd does not sell.


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New DVD Releases


(2010 | Germany/USA | Documentary)

A fresh perspective on the controversial senator from Appleton, Wisconsin – Joseph McCarthy – through the prudent lens of German filmmaker Lutz Hachmeister. Featuring never before seen footage and interviews with Ben Bradlee, Carl Bernstein, Henry Kissinger, Ann Coulter and Haynes Johnson.

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Upcoming Releases

Here’s a sneak peak of some new films we’ll be releasing in the coming months – stay tuned for our March newsletter!

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