Movies Available for PPR Licencing

New Movies Available for PPR Licensing

Corinth Films is pleased to announce the availability of several new titles to educational and higher learning institutions for Public Performance Rights (PPR) licensing. Non-theatrical and PPR licensing is a major component of our business of acquiring and distributing intellectually stimulating arthouse-type films, and we strive to serve the needs of the college and educational market.

Sin made its theatrical debut in February and has enjoyed a limited platform theatrical release, with screenings in many US cities. The film has been written about extensively by film reviewers and effectively portrays a glimpse of life in Renaissance times from the point of view of Michelangelo and director Andrei Konchalovsky.

The New Deal For Artists is a remastered classic documentary on FDR’s New Deal, and how it helped starving artists to survive during the Great Depression. Narrated by Orson Welles, this fascinating documentary features interviewees such as Norman Lloyd, Studs Terkel, Arthur Rothstein, John Houseman, and more.

Far Western is a unique documentary chronicling the rise in popularity of Country and Bluegrass music in Japan following the end of World War II, and the devout musicians that rose up to start their own bands to make the music something distinctly Japanese.

Also included in this newsletter are older releases of significant educational value, Botero and A Regular Woman. Please visit our website to see more of our exciting films. Vimeo screening links are available upon request to preview each film.

We offer 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, and perpetuity PPR licenses and provide a video file + DVD for your institution. Contact us for a personalized quote and license plan.

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2019 | 134 mins | Italy | Biopic | Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky
In Italian with English Subtitles

An expertly crafted biopic about Renaissance legend Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sin is spared no detail by director Andrei Konchalovsky. The artist finds himself divided between the ousted Della Rovere and incoming Medici families, and falling out of favor with either could have disastrous results. Michelangelo battles his inner demons as be becomes consumed with sourcing the finest marble for the facade of the San Lorenzo Basilica, and cannot help but to betray everyone around him.

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1979| 90 mins | USA | Documentary | Directed by Wieland Schulz-Keil
In English

FDR’s New Deal program in the 1930’s aimed to put Americans back to work, and included an innovative and lively public arts program to employ artists across every medium. This digitally remastered documentary narrated by Orson Welles, explores the New Deal’s fascinating history and profound impact, and how it changed politics as we know it forever. Featuring interviews with Norman Lloyd, Studs Terkel, Arthur Rothstein, Howard Da Silva, John Houseman, and more.

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2016 | 83 mins | USA & Japan | Documentary | Directed by James Payne
In English & Japanese with English Subtitles

Amid the ashes of post-WWII Japan, the bittersweet sounds of American traditional country music drifted through the radio airwaves. The music quickly resonated with young Japanese, but none more than Charlie Nagatani, who is now renowned as Japan’s most famous Country musician and founder of the Country Gold Festival in Kumamoto. Throughout the film, Charlie explains his journey and how the Country Music movement in Japan took root and influenced thousands of Japanese musicians.

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2018 | 84 mins | Canada | Documentary | Directed by Don Millar
In English & Spanish with English Subtitles

Perhaps the most famous living artist of our present day whose paintings are selling at an all time high, Fernando Botero is a worthy subject of a documentary. Born in Medellin, Colombia in 1932, the worldly Botero shares the story of his humble beginnings and ambitions that led him on a tumultuous journey and ultimately shaped his signature style of volumetric art. Featuring extensive interviews and fascinating archival footage with art curators and Botero family members.

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2019 | 95 mins | Germany | Historical Drama | Directed by Sherry Hormann | In German with English Subtitles

Based on the tragic “honor killing” of Hatun Aynur Sürücü in Berlin in 2005, A Regular Woman portrays the life of a free-spirited young woman living with an ultra-conservative Turkish Muslim family in Berlin. Married off to an abusive cousin in Turkey at a young age, Aynur escapes the relationship and returns to her family in Berlin. Instead of finding support, she suffers continued abuse in a different form, and struggles to attain independence. She is shot to death by her youngest brother shortly before she is set to move away and begin a new life.

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