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1980’s Switzerland was a country in dire need of social justice reform. Caged Birds is the true story of how activist Barbara Hug and “Jail Break King” Walter Stürm formed an unlikely alliance to accomplish just that.

2020 | 118 min | Germany/Switzerland
Directed by Oliver Rihs
Starring Marie Leuenberger and Joal Basman
Swiss-German with English Subtitles
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Barbara “Babs” Hug (Marie Leuenberger, The Divine Order) is a young radical lawyer fighting Switzerland’s antiquated prison system in the 1980s, and finds it to be an endless, draining battle. She is tracked down by Walter Stürm (Joel Basman, The Monuments Men), who has just managed to escape from prison…again…and hands her a secret file not supposed to have left the prison. Although a good-hearted soul at his core, Stürm uses his newfound freedom to commit another crime, and soon finds the police closing in. Using her connections, Babs finds Stürm temporary refuge with a militant organization, and takes him on as a client in hopes of using the publicity to advance her cause. Stürm, however, has a very different ideology of freedom, and proves to be more difficult to manage than Babs realizes. Based on a true story.

Caged Birds
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Caged Birds photo
Caged Birds photo
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