Bartleby and A Time For Dying


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A 1970’s take on the classic Herman Melville tale of Bartleby The Scrivener, set in London in the office of an accounting firm. The original 1972 New York Times review calls it “A stunning job of acting, all the lovelier for its quietness, and the best aspect of a generally impressive film.” New restoration from a 4K scan of the original negative.

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A Time For Dying

The final western from one of the genre’s greatest directors, Budd Boetticher, and the last screen appearance of war hero-turned-movie star Audie Murphy. Roger Ebert called the film “The damndest, confoundingest Western you can imagine,” upon its initial release in 1982. New restoration from a 2K scan of the original negative.

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1970 | 78 min. | UK | Directed by Anthony Friedmann

NEW 4K RESTORATION. Based on Herman Melville’s celebrated short story ‘Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street’, Anthony Friedmann’s unduly neglected film relocates the action to 1970s London and stars Oscar-winner Paul Scofield (A Man for All Seasons), John McEnery (Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet), and Thorley Walters (Hammer’s The Phantom of the Opera).

When a young office clerk, Bartleby (McEnery), becomes increasingly defeated by the pressures of modern life, he gradually opts out of all forms of social engagement and his frustrated employer (Scofield) does all he can to stop him from withdrawing entirely into his own world. Superbly acted and exquisitely photographed, Bartleby is a rare gem of 1970s British cinema.

Bartleby poster art

A Time For Dying


1969 | 73 min | USA | Directed by Bud Boetticher

Trailer: 2K RESTORATION. Budd Boetticher’s last feature, this film also marks the final appearance by legendary WW2 veteran Audie Murphy in motion pictures before his untimely death in 1971. Keenly reviewed by the New York Times and Roger Ebert in 1982, Ebert called A Time For Dying “the damndest, confoundingest Western you can imagine.“

Aspiring to be a famous bounty hunter, Cass Bunning instead finds himself in Silver City coming to the rescue of Ms. Nellie Winters, a naive young woman who just arrived in town after unwittingly answering an ad to work in a brothel. After being caught in a hotel together in Vinegaroon, the pair are forcibly married by the drunken and cantankerous Judge Roy Bean as punishment for violating the town’s “indecent conduct” law. On the way back to the family ranch, Nellie and Cass have a run-in with notorious outlaw Jesse James, who warns them about trouble brewing back in Silver City. Recognizing an opportunity to fulfill his bounty hunter dreams, Cass heads back to Silver City to contend with the James Bandits and Billy Pimple in a final showdown.

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