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June 2018 – Laurel & Hardy Laughtoons on Amazon Prime

Dear Arthouse Cinema Fans,

Now that summer is upon us, Corinth is happy to announce that the first three Laurel and Hardy Laughtoon shorts are now available for streaming on Amazon Prime! Big Business, Liberty, and Should Married Men Go Home? have been re-edited and fitted with a punchy score to keep you laughing, so find them by heading to our Amazon channel and browsing the comedy section. You might also find some other interesting films while you’re there, so be sure to add some of our movies to your summer watch list!
Next month we will be bringing some new DVD releases to market, so be sure and keep an eye out for our July e-newsletter. Our DVD selection can be found by browsing the DVD/On-Demand page on our website corinthfilms.com/on-demand-dvd.
As always, we welcome your feedback about our movies and look forward to seeing some reviews!

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New VOD Releases


(1929 | USA | Comedy)

In this much celebrated Laurel & Hardy short film, Stan and Ollie attempt to sell Christmas trees door-to-door in Southern California with ill-fated results. Newly re-released Laurel & Hardy Laughtoon short film with new audio track.


(1928 | USA | Comedy)

An unexpected visit from Stan creates moments of awkwardness for Ollie and his wife, until Ollie agrees to join Stan on the golf course. Once there, the leisurely outing turns into mud-slinging mayhem. Newly re-released Laurel & Hardy Laughtoon short film with new audio track.


(1929 | USA | Comedy)

Stan and Ollie escape from prison only to find the outside world to be a place of difficulty and danger. Newly re-released Laurel & Hardy Laughtoon short film with new audio track.

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Upcoming Films

Here’s a sneak peak of some new films we’ll be releasing in the coming months – stay tuned for our May newsletter!

Dede trailer
Dede Trailer
Dark Fortune trailer
Dark Fortune Trailer
Freedom Trailer
Freedom Trailer
Mellow Mud Trailer
Mellow Mud Trailer
Night Out Trailer
Night Out Trailer

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