The Land of Women

The Land of Women – New Acquisition

Child abuse often comes from a family member.

We want to let you know that THE LAND OF WOMEN is available from Corinth Films for theatrical engagements. Please let us know if you would like us to provide a screening link for you to consider showing the wonderful film.

2022 | 104 min | Italy
Directed by Marisa Vallone
Starring Paola Sini, Valentina Lodovini,
Syama Rayner, Freddie Fox, Alessandro Haber,
Jan Bijvoet, Hal Yamanouchi
English, Italian with English Subtitles

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The Land of Women is a historical drama inspired by the traditional Sardinian figure of the Coga, the village witch. Fear and superstition dominate the life of a little girl born seventh after six other girls. In a rural Sardinia at the turn of the Second World War, Fidela is, in spite of herself, the witch of the village: she cures evil spells and gives birth to everyone’s children, but never her own, because it is good that no man touches her. And when Bastiana, an illegitimate seventh daughter is entrusted to Fidela, she not only discovers the power of feeling like a mother, but will begin to question all the beliefs and traditions imposed upon her.

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IncluCity Festival

The Land of Women screening at the IncluCity Festival

The Land of Women was selected for the IncluCity Film Festival “to showcase the outstanding filmmaking and acting talents behind the movies presented to promote international cinema to audiences in Canada.”

July 7th,

Young girl with long dark hair
Two women in woods
Women and young girl hugging on side of creek
Men in masks performing ceremony
Woman and man in dress clothes
Image of woman with purple head scarf and eyes cast down
Two men hiking up lush wooded hill with lake below


Bifest - Bari International Film Festival

BIF&ST – Bari International Film Festival 2023: ItalianFilmFest – Best Actress

Paola Sini winner Mariangela Melato Award

Paola Sini won the Mariangela Melato Award for the best leading actress for LA TERRA DELLE DONNE (The Land of Women), directed by Marisa Vallone.


“An exciting film, full of evocative images, where the only special effect is given by the natural beauty of one of the oldest lands, such as Sardinia, accompanied by indigenous and primordial sounds that transport the viewer into the deepest depths of the film.”

“Just like a poem by Quasimodo, Baudelaire or Rimbaud, it not only captures sight and hearing, but also calls into question the other senses, and this because it establishes a visceral link with earth and water, which is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, purification and of life itself”

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